TITICANE Manau Stick [ 27 INCH ] [ Polish 40-44mm ] [ Rattan / Rotan ]
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Polish Rattan 
- Knot clean up, fine sanding surface 
- 2 layer varnish, extra smooth surface 
- Suitable for kung fu training   
- Good for exercises, pilates stick or stick work out

Natural rattan 
- TITICANE 1st quality 
- Natural look elegant 
 - Suitable for body guard, self-defend
 - Good for hiking or jogging

TITICANE provide 1st quality 
TOP 1 quality rattan Malaysia 
Rattan manau growing at forest elevation 1000 feet above 

Nature hard rattan, elasticity, solid & heavy and smooth surface, good handling

Knot between knot size similar and 90% straight rattan.

Suitable use for walking stick or exercise stick prefect for pilates stick, kali stick or self-defence Stick 

Good idea for handle of heavy hammer, axe, bow and knife 

Rattan size is calculate centre of pole. Natural rattan is not straight, bending rattan, surface will look like tiger skin as sign. 

Measurement of 27 inch or 68.5 cm

18-23mm Diameter Is About 0.2 kg+/- 
24-27mm Diameter Is About 0.25 kg+/- 
28-32mm Diameter Is About 0.36 kg+/- 
33-34mm Diameter Is About 0.43 kg+/- 
35-39mm Diameter Is About 0.5 kg+/- 
40-44mm Diameter Is About 0.6 kg+/-

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1 pcs TITICANE Manau Stick [ 27 INCH ] [ Polish 40-44mm ] [ Rattan / Rotan ]