TITICANE Rattan Papasan Mahogany [ Kerusi Rotan ] [ Free Stool ]
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  • for your deck, bedroom, or entertainment room,
  • traditionally a wicker or rattan frame supporting a rounded bowl high-quality cushions.
  • papasan chairs add extra comfort and relaxation to your space.
  • excellent choice for an outdoor seating area


Papasan Chairs outstanding comfort and versatility. Sitting in a papasan chair makes you feel as if you're in a nest made of pillows.

It's the perfect choice for a variety of living spaces, like kids' bedrooms, entertainment dens, or outside areas.

using your papasan on a deck or patio been specially treated to withstand the elements

One of the best things about papasan chairs is that you feel like you're in a cocoon. This can also make it difficult to get in and out if you have mobility issues.

Pick a papasan with a broad, sturdy base so the bowl portion of the chair will be entirely supported. You also want the bowl to fit in its cradle well so that it will be secure even with the sitter's sudden movements.


Papasan chairs attribute their comfort to the nest-like atmosphere that cradles the sitter. It makes these chairs perfect for the garden on a breezy day or sitting by the fire on a cold afternoon. They also make unique chairs for a nursery and create a cozy reading nook.


The great thing about papasan chairs, and one of the reasons for their continued popularity, is their ability to change position.

A papasan chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. Perfect for boho-chic homes, or rooms with a retro aesthetic, you can customize it to match your décor and other furnishings by choosing the right upholstery and frame materials.

You can also buy an Stool with the papasan as a set, pulling the themes and colours through your whole living space.

traditional style of this classic chair made from rattan. The aspects that are especially important when choosing a papasan chair are the material used for the base, the bowl, the cushions, its level of accessibility, and how well it matches the rest of your decor.

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