TITICANE Lazy Chair [ Kerusi Malas Rotan ] [ Rattan Manau ]
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Height : 106 CM

Seat Height : 41 CM

Witdh : 64 CM

Lenght : 186 CM

Weight : 16 KG

Extreme Comfort, Standing And Sitting Down At Ease

Relief From Pain, Better Posture

It Can Help With Blood Circulation, Increase Productivity, Help Improve The Quality Of Life For The Elderly

Relief for achy joint, less pressure on the heart

Reduced back pain and pressure on the lungs

Benefits of using Rattan lazy chairs

After a busy day, the first thing in your mind would be to sink in the chair of your living room and relax. Chairs alone seem powerless in enhancing the comfort you seek. But, the Rattan Lazy chairs are a welcome exception. Yes, these are recliner chairs, and they are pricier than the standard chairs.

However, when you learn the benefits of the Rattan Lazy chairs, you should not mind spending those extra bucks. You can ask anyone who has brought a Rattan Lazy chair. They will agree unanimously, Rattan Lazy chairs a worth the penny. If you are feeling curious, below we highlight its benefits.

Support for the lower back

Rattan Lazy chairs are world leaders in the league of recliners for a reason. Long before, they invented a specific reclining function that offers support for the lower back of your body. When you recline after sitting on a Rattan Lazy recliner, both the back and the seat move alongside, and the lower back gets ample support. Generally, regular chairs tend to develop a gap between the seat and the back; as a result, it exerts pressure on the lower back.

Rattan Lazy chairs also offer Hand Weaving Back Seat. Now, forget about stuffing a towel or a pillow behind as these chairs can take care of it efficiently. Undoubtedly, you will feel very comfortable, so much so that you would not like to be up on your feet soon.

Recline and extension footpad

If you have the experience of flying, you should remember, after sitting in the airplane, you pushed the seat a little backward. The intention was to stay relaxed during the flight keeping your back in a comfortable position. Lazy Boy recliners incorporate the same logic. Several products will let you recline without having to lift your feet. There is hardly any need for a footrest for releasing and reclining the back.

Locking the footrest

Most of us are habituated working on the laptop by placing it on our lap. Wouldn’t it be more comfortable if you could recline your feet up? Lazy Boy chairs have such patented footrests. It gives you the liberty of choosing the most comfortable place to sit and work.

These features not only help you relax at home but can also be a worthy alternative for the office. When a sense of comfort prevails, it will do you a world of good and, in turn, increase the productivity of your work.


Various locking rocker positions

Rattan Lazy boy chairs offer numerous reclining positions. Some of the Rattan Lazy chair boast of 4 different locking positions. You are free to try them all, and lock the one that makes you feel most comfortable. When you find yourself in a situation where the feet are above the heart level, it offers you a host of benefits. It helps improve your posture, enhances blood circulation, and your back gets the much-needed support to keep back pain at bay.

The unique frame of the chair

Unlike the standard chairs, the framework of Rattan Lazy chairs is built of Rattan Dahan and oriented standard board. The above features make it eleven percent stronger than the conventional material used for making chairs. So, when you try to get up after reclining, the pressure you exert on the armrests will have no effect on them. Regular chairs would find it hard to sustain such force, and in the most likelihood, the frames would expand. It goes without saying, Rattan Lazy chairs, will last you for several years.

Adds style to your home

Rattan lazy chairs are available for use both indoors and outdoors. Those designated for use indoors can increase the style quotient of your interiors to several notches

That is a pretty exhaustive list of benefits, as you can see. Yes, these chairs can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. However, with their all-round benefits, you will save plenty of treatment costs. Need we say more!

If you spend most of your time in reading, watching television and relaxing, you might use recliner chair. They are considered to be the best option to procure relaxation at the single touch of a button.

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