TITICANE Rattan Skin [ Kulit Rotan ]
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  • 1st Quality rattan skin, good strength for tight
  • Use for weaving basket, chair seat, funirture
  • repair rattan furniture
  • 1KG+/- per roll

To Prepare Rattan Skin for Working

Cut the rattan skin into convenient lengths, but never more than 3 metres or it may tangle or become dirty.

Soak it in cold water for about half an hour to make it pliable.

The rattan skin you intend to use for ribs or stakes should be really pliable, while the thinner rattan skin used to weave the body need not be soaked so long, especially if it is split cane.

When it is taken out of the water it should be wiped dry and worked between the fingers to make it supple and ready for use.

When it is worked straight you are ready to begin.

Hang the lengths of rattan skin on a hook or peg and lay a damp cloth over the strips to keep them really flexible and to protect them against dirt.

In working, especially on a large object, the cane may become too dry before the work is finished.

In this case it must be dampened again with a wet cloth.

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1 roll Rattan Skin [ Kulit Rotan ]