TITICANE Crown Rocking Chair [ Chia 2 Series ] [ Kerusi Rotan ] [ Rattan Manau ]
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  • Design to fit the human body Curve, Relaxation techniques for stress relief and natural life. Smooth, Gentle rocking motion on any floor surfaces
  • Long armrest and wide seating capacity and Large seating area ,Embossed back for comfortable position
  • Traditional style, natural-colored chair, Finished with walnut lacquer for extra protection
  • Rocking chairs may seem old fashioned, but they are extremely comfortable and perfect for every people
  • If you’re in the heavier size, you can use this rocker chair without having to worry about it breaking, as it is a rocking chair with a high weight limit.
  • Its seat is roomy for wide-hipped individuals. Although the height of the seat from the floor is also pretty low, you feel comfortable rocking on this chair as its overall quality is absolutely satisfying!
  • Is actually solidly constructed to ensure perfect balance and an effortless glide.
  • Well made has a perfect body-aignment giving both support for your whole back – making the muscles work less, as well as alleviating stiffness and any uncomfortable feelings. Can last for many years
  • Rocking chairs are even becoming modern and somewhat popular. on the porch, or in a living room watching TV.

The benefits of rocking chairs

The pressure treatment of this chair makes it long-lasting and extra protected. It is odorless, environment-friendly, and green building compliant.

Rattan rocking chairs are not just for the elderly people, it is great for parenting as well. It is where the caregiver and infant spend time feeding, calming and soothing, rock baby to sleep

Medical professionals encourage the use of rocking chairs to help senior citizens improve balance and muscle tone, when other types of exercise are too strenuous, according to Live StrongRocking Chair Therapy discusses the use of rocking chairs in parent-child bonding, as well as in helping dementia patients overcome anxiety.

smooth rocking motion. The gentle back and forth motion is known to bring relaxation and good moods, improving muscle strength for seniors or those who can’t do the normal exercise. Another benefit of a rattan rocking chair is it relieves back pain, decreases anxiety levels, and heals postoperative surgery faster.

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